This is a driver to integrate Relolink cameras with Control4®.  Note: Reolink Argus cameras are not supported

  • 48 hr trial before purchase (enter “trial” for license key to start trial)
  • Support for H.264 video feeds
  • Loads basic driver meta data into control4® Composer Pro
  • Allows automated reboots of the camera
  • Home is set to preset1
  • Supports jumping to 12 presets

Buy Reolink Cameras

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Reolink Security Cameras

Reolink Compatibility

This table lists the Control4 interfaces that are supported by this driver
Control4 InterfaceReolink
Flash Navigator
HC Controllers, MyPC App, non-T3 Touchscreens
Android Navigator
EA Controllers & T3 Touchscreens
Mobile Apps
Android & iOS



Recommend setting the following camera video parameters for best performance:

  • 1080p max
  • 3072 bitrate max
  • 30 fps max (recommend 15)

Change Log

Change Log

02/12/17 – 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

03/01/17 – 1.0.3

  • Optimizations around login process

04/30/17 – 1.0.4

  • Auto Import camera name into Control4
  • Bug fixes