Looking to integrate Foscam camera’s into Control4®? Look no further!  The Greenfield Solutions Foscam camera allows integration of Foscam camera’s into the Control4® UI.

48 hr trial before purchase (enter “trial” for license key to start trial)


  1. PTZ only working on the PC/Mac app and the Android App (NOT iOS – I am working w/c4 on this)

Foscam Compatibility

This table lists the Control4 interfaces that are supported by this driver
Control4 InterfaceFoscam
Flash Navigator
HC Controllers, MyPC App, non-T3 Touchscreens
Android Navigator
EA Controllers & T3 Touchscreens
Mobile Apps
Android & iOS



Coming soon

Change Log

Change Log

12/23/16 – V1.0

  • Initial Release

01/10/17 – V1.0.1

  • Trial added

02/01/17 – V1.1.0

  • Enhancements

02/24/17 – V1.1.1

  • Improvements in ptz stop and fix to presets

03/1/17 – V1.1.2

  • Improvements for presets
  • Changes RTSP to be substream instead of mainstream
  • Added more preset buttons to be 8 instead of 5