This driver pack allows integration with Amcrest cameras into Control4®.  Amcrest makes a great full range of cameras that integrate beautifully with Control4®.

The driver pack includes 2 version of the driver: for PTZ cameras and a separate one for fixed cameras.

Based on our customers experience, we recommend connecting ethernet cameras to a gigabit switch and a POE+ switch if POE models are in use.


  • 48 hr trial before purchase (enter “trial” for license key to start trial)
  • Motion detection events from the camera can trigger events in Control4®
  • Loads basic camera meta-data into Control4® Composer
  • Allows automated reboots of the camera
  • Home is set to preset1
  • Supports full range PTZ controls (assuming your camera does)
  • Supports jumping to 6 presets

Amcrest Compatibility

This table lists the Control4 interfaces that are supported by this driver
Control4 InterfaceAmcrest Camera
Flash Navigator
HC Controllers, MyPC App, non-T3 Touchscreens
Android Navigator
EA Controllers & T3 Touchscreens
Mobile Apps
Android & iOS
Motion Detection
Automated Reboot

Note: This driver will also work with Dahua cameras as they use the same API



  1. Log into your Amcrest camera
  2. Select setup
  3. Under the Camera section select video
  4. Under the main stream configure the following
    1. Code-stream Type: General
    2. Encoding Mode: H.264B
    3. Resolution: 720P
    4. Frame Rate: 10
    5. Bit Rate: VBR
    6. Set a watermark if you would like to
  5. Enable the sub stream and configure it for MJPEG
    1. Code-stream Type: General
    2. Encoding Mode: MJPEG
    3. Resolution: VGA
    4. Frame Rate: 10
    5. Bit Rate Control: CBR
    6. Bit Rate: 1280


  1. For the driver configuration, ensure it’s set to digest authentication

Change Log

Change Log

12/22/16 – 1.0.0

  • Initial Release

01/11/16 – 1.1.6

  • Added 48hr trial
  • Added Programming action to enable/disable motion

07/13/17 – 1.1.8

  • added support capability
  • improvements to motion detection
  • additional action triggers added